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Hongsheng signs large-caliber stainless steel pipe order with Surgutneftegas

Our company took over the order of stainless steel pipeline project of Russia Surgut Oil and Gas Company in January this year.


  On March 23, the local construction of the pipeline construction of Surgut Oil and Gas Co., Ltd., the chief engineer of the Machinery Bureau and the director of the pipe base visited our company and conducted a sample re-inspection of the stainless steel pipes ordered by their company.


 Intergranular corrosion test     Mechanical performance test    Steel pipe inner packaging


 Steel pipe surface Russian standard code              Steel pipe packaging hoe


Waiting for the exit stainless steel tube          Shipped to Manzhouli Port, Inner Mongolia

Name: Stainless steel seamless steel pipe

Material: 10X17H13M2T Standard: GOST9941-81 Higher level

Specifications: 426mm × 14mm, 426mm × 9mm, 325mm × 10mm, 325mm × 8mm, 273mm × 12mm, 220mm × 12mm

Delivery period: 120 days

Technical requirements: 1. Chemical composition and mechanical properties all meet the GOST9941-81 standard.
          2. The outer diameter and wall thickness tolerance requirements of the stainless steel pipe must meet the higher requirements of the GOST9941-81 standard.
          3. All stainless steel pipes need to be tested after passing the ultrasonic non-destructive testing.
          4. At least 2 samples are taken for each specification for spectral analysis, mechanical property testing, flattening test and intergranular corrosion testing.
          5. It is necessary to provide detailed product production inspection record reports including (raw material original material book, blank material inspection report, cold drawing record, heat treatment record, steel pipe finished product inspection record, spectral analysis record, ultrasonic flaw detection report, machinery Performance and flattening test records, intergranular corrosion test reports, etc.).

    Surgut Oil and Gas Corporation (SNG) is one of the three largest Russian oil companies with more than 86,000 employees and is the 11th largest oil company in the world. Since the first discovery of oil fields in western Siberia in 1961, the total oil production in the SNG field has exceeded one billion tons. Today, SNG's oil production accounts for one-eighth of Russia's total oil production, and natural gas production accounts for one-third of total domestic production. SNG also undertakes a quarter of Russia's oil exploration and mining tasks, and oil production is growing steadily year by year. It has made positive contributions to the Russian industry, national defense, railway, aviation and people's lives.


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